The Unique iNarrator 5 Point Guarantee


1. You’ll Love Your Audio... Or We’ll Re-Record It For Free

2. We’ll Hit Your Deadline

3. The Best Quality Audio At The Best Price

4. Only Use Experienced Full Time Professional Voiceovers

5. Retained Clients Benefit From Future Updates With The Same Voiceover


The Guarantee in more detail...


1. You’ll love your audio or we’ll re-record it for free

Over the years we’ve perfected our client on-boarding process and we’re so confident in our whole process that if you’re not 100% happy with the finished audio we’ll re-record it for free, just tell us within 2 working days of receiving your audio.

Obviously, we have to follow our pre-production process to ensure we don’t miss anything:


i. Script review, voiceover and music selection

Your script will be presented via our online proposal system, it’s super important that your script is 100% correct before you sign off. We’ll organise a call to discuss any words with difficult pronunciations to make sure they’re spot on – we’ve got every detail covered.


ii. Sign off and production

Once your script, voiceover(s) selection has been signed off we enter the recording and production phase. We’ll book your voiceover(s) to record as soon as possible.


2. We'll hit your deadline

You tell us your project deadline and we will ensure your sparkling new audio is with you on or before the date agreed. As long as there are no hold-ups along the way at your end, we’ll keep our side of the bargain and deliver on time.


3. The best quality audio at the best price

If you find the same service with the same voiceover(s) for a better price with another supplier, we'll aim to match the price. Of course we'll need to see a detailed proposal from the competitor to verify the service and voiceover(s) are exactly the same. 


4. We only use experienced full time professional voiceovers

We're often asked if the voiceovers we use are real people... the answer is YES. 

They're living, breathing human beings who are extremely talented, they know how to lift words off the page and make them resonate with listeners. Basically when it comes to voiceovers other providers aren't as picky as us! You'll have heard all of our voiceover artists on national TV and Radio campaigns so you know you're getting the crème de-la crème f voices. 


5. Future updates with the same voiceover

If you opt for a retained contract we guarantee to record all updates with the same voiceover(s).

In the unlikely event that:

i. The voiceover is ill you can:

Wait until the voiceover returns... or

If the recording is urgent we'll record with a similar voiceover then we’ll re-record with your usual voiceover when they return to work.


ii. The voiceover becomes permanently unavailable:

We will evenly split the cost of re-recording all messages that are still in use with a new voiceover. This is only fair as we can't protect against long term illness and death! 
We're glad to say this has never been an issue for any of our clients.



So there you have it the iNarrator 5 Point Guarantee, no there’s no reason to not work with us!


If you have a question call us on 0800 0112 123. 


A bit about us...

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